“Valentine’s Day is upon us; a day of no fun for the broken-hearted or those still raging at an ex.”
Put down your IPhone, step away from Facebook and resist the urge to Facebook stalk that good-for-nothing man-child who promised you a happily ever after.
To squeeze some fun out of a day that would normally have you locked away; Air has the perfect remedy! We call it Anti-Valentine’s Day and what better way for you to say ‘SAYONARA’ then to come on down to Air and help us shred some pictures of those that have done you wrong!

Booth & Bottle Service - functions@airclub.com.au
GUEST LIST (Free entry) - functions@airclub.com.au


Doors open 9pm
$5 before 10pm and $10 thereafter

Air Nightclub
139 James Street Northbridge